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Photo Credit: Andre Elliott



PORTAL is a temporary installation that serves as a flexible space for community members to visualize the future of the region. The installation operates as an urban incubator for discovery, gathering, and experimentation. Conceptually, portals are capable of transporting people into a future time and space, and our activation will empower citizens to experience and influence the future of our city and region. By building a platform for the creative and entrepreneurial class in Sacramento to engage directly with the community, we are promoting a cohesive vision for Sacramento 3.0, with diverse input from the people most impacted by our region’s future. This visioning will articulate an identity for our community and harness the momentum we have accumulated to advance in a focused direction. In partnership with Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA), The PORTAL is designed by Quadriga Landscape Architecture. Programming for the PORTAL is developed, managed, and implemented by Tre Borden.


Sacramento Clothing Co.

Sacramento Clothing Co.




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